Présentation – Assemblée Générale

Founded on 6 December 1989, the Association Européenne des Amoureux de Danses Traditionnelles has over 5,000 members from many parts of Europe and beyond.

Organisers, entertainers, musicians and dancers make up the “Grand Bal de l’Europe”, where diversity, criticism and exchange are essential sources of richness.

More details can be found in liaison bulletins and Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Convocation to the Ordinary General Meeting of A.E.A.D.T.

It will take place on Sunday 29 December 2024 at 6pm at Les Gauthiers.

Subjects :

  • approval of the reports for the previous financial year (1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024) ;
  • programme of activities for 2024-2025 ;
  • election of members of the Board of Administration.

Bernard Coclet, Président de l’association