Our association and image rights

During all our gatherings, we capture images.
Our many films show a great artistic diversity. We wish to make the ephemeral last.
We work in the spirit of the law, but if, despite our vigilance, you feel your dignity has been compromised, please contact us.

” In the case of an image taken in a public place, your permission is required if you are isolated and recognisable.
However, the right to the image is limited by the right to information, the right to freedom of expression and artistic and cultural freedom.
Your consent is therefore not required for certain images to be broadcast, provided that your dignity is respected and your image is not used for commercial purposes.”

Most of the analyses and comments are based on the following practical guide (source: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F32103 ; choose on the website « Quand votre accord est-il nécessaire / pour une personne majeure »

Two examples complete this sheet :
– The lawyer Patrick Lingibé points out that the right to an image is a right established by case law: https://www.village-justice.com/articles/droit-image-quelles-sont-les-regles-applicables,30783.html
– Maxime Bizeau, a lawyer by training and a graduate of the Paris Bar School, gives an example: in a photo taken in a lecture theatre, a crowd of students appear and are identifiable, image rights cannot be invoked. Protection only comes into play when the image of the person is isolated: https://fiches-droit.com/droit-image