Musicians and dancers at the Grand Bal de l’Europe

Publication du 6 mai 2024

The history, organisation and artistic project of each association make it unique. At Gennetines, the groups have a musical discourse that brings to life the diversity of our dance dreams.

Since it was founded in 1990, our organisation has never asked a band to come and play. It’s the bands who offer ‘dance workshops’ and concert-balls to take part in our events.

Each year, around a hundred groups are programmed and another hundred or so are not selected.

At Gennetines, a group is made up of the musicians on stage and the dancers who perform the dance on the dance floor and sometimes on stage. In around half the cases, the dance teaching is the deciding factor in the choice of groups.

The groups at the Grand Bal de l’Europe in figures (mars 2024):

  • 97 groups scheduled over 15 days;
  • 421 artists (Animateurs as we call them) Including 276 for music and 145 for dancing;
  • The total number of artists is made up of 159 women (37%) and 262 men (62%);
  • For music, 64 women (23%) and 212 men (76%) will perform;
  • For dancing, 95 women (65%) et 50 men (34%) will perform with the musicians;
  • We welcome 22 groups that were not at Gennetines in 2023. The number of female musicians and singers has slightly increased. (+ around 5%).