Car park and Camping site in Saint-Gervais

Parking areas

A first parking area is situated at the campsite specially arranged for the Grand Bal de l’Europe, next to the town campsite, about 10 minutes by foot from the festival.
We prefer that participants use their cars as little as possible (you can bring a bike).
A second parking area is situated near the festival.


There are several hotels and a town campsite in SaintGervais d’Auvergne, other hotels and campsites in the neighbouring villages as well as many Bed & Breakfast places in the whole region.
The campsites in Chateauneuf-les-Bains (one star and three stars) are 8 km away, along the Sioule riverside and are very shady. For these campsites as well as for that of SaintGervais, you should book your places.
The campsite specially arranged for the Grand Bal de l’Europe is situated next to the town campsite of Saint-Gervais and is only available to the participants of the Grand Bal of Saint-Gervais wearing a festival bracelet.
The spaces in this area are not provided with electricity for caravans or campers.

We are in partnership with the tourist information centre of Cœur de Combrailles situated in St-Gervais, 2 minutes walk from the gathering. This office can help you to find accommodation or guide you in your discovery of the region (when asking, mention the Bal de l’Europe). Free WiFi is available.

Tourist Information Center of Cœur de Combrailles :
Rue du Général Desaix – 63390 Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne
Tel : + 33 4 73 85 80 94
E-mail :