Car park and camping site in Gennetines

Car park and campsites

Car park and campsites are both situated on private property and are only available to participants wearing a festival bracelet.
They will be available from 20th July and are free.
The campsites are on farm fields, near the festival site, provided with hot showers, toilets, drinking water taps, sinks for washing, and electric outlets for razors and hairdryers only.

Peace and Quiet and Safety on our campsites

Please drive slowly and use your vehicle as little as possible. Do not sleep in the car park. Speak softly and pay attention to your neighbours.
Our campsites are big enough to accommodate all the participants. We do not reserve any spaces, you will need to find an available space when you arrive.

All of us must respect the legislation and the festival regulations, and the inhabitants of Gennetines, where we should be as quiet as possible.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the following rules are fundamental and must be obeyed without discussion. We give on this page other lodging possibilities.
– Sealed-off areas must be kept free for use by security or emergency workers.
– There must be a reasonable space between tents in order to prevent the spreading of fires.
– No dangerous or toxic products should be stored in tents.
– Our campsites do not cater for smokers or gas cookers (we recommend extreme caution on the part of smokers and cookers – they should have a fire-extinguisher and have a stock of water nearby their tent).
– Avoid camping or parking areas under trees. If you are beneath a tree, you must evacuate the area during stormy weather. The Association’s insurance will not cover you if you have a problem.
– Please make sure your tent and other material are securely fixed.
– The grounds are bumpy and there is very little light or none. We recommend bringing your own torch and taking care when walking.
– The Association will not be held responsible if our rules are not respected (please check that you have personal insurance).
In case of litigation, only the courts of the district of Moulins are competent, and in case of difference the french text of this document will take precedence.

Hotels, Bad & Breakfast

The tourist information centre of Moulins and its region can help you with accommodation or in discovering our region. Book your accommodation in good time.
– Office de Tourisme de Moulins et sa région
11 rue François-Péron – 03000 Moulins
Tel: +33 4 70 44 14 14 –

Gîtes de France
You can contact the Gîtes de France departmental offices for Allier and Nièvre.
– Gîtes de France Allier –
Tél. 00 (0)4 82 75 68 55
– Gîtes de France Nièvre –
Tél. 00 (0)3 86 36 42 39.