Grand Bal de l’Europe 2020 – Réflexions

The suggestion that the Grand Bal de l’Europe should be postponed until next year has aroused many reactions which underline the great importance of these meetings for many of us.

We are very touched by these expressions of support.

The situation is still worrying and its evolution is uncertain. However, we are trying to maintain contact and answer questions whenever possible.

The content of most of the messages can be summarized as follows: “Thank you for keeping us informed.”; “It would be very hard not to come to Gennetines this year.”; “We trust you to make the right decision.”

A few comments suggest we do our utmost to keep the meetings going this year and postpone the decision on the possible cancellation at the latest.

There are currently about 15% of the places reserved for the meetings. We’ve temporarily suspended registrations for the moment and are waiting for better days to reopen them.

We don’t plan to put the detailed programme of events online until we are sure that we can maintain the Grand Bal de l’Europe this year.

We have been working hard to set up a reservation system with prepayment that works. We will of course refund the full amount paid if the Grand Bal de l’Europe does not take place this year. We are looking into the refund modalities for those who, faced with this exceptional situation, would like to cancel their registration now.

A strong statement: “Please don’t cancel the Grand Bal, we need it” prompts us to answer you collectively that we are trying to organise the meetings with all the collective security guarantees, as we have been doing since 1990.

We think of our friends who are seriously affected, of all those who are going through very difficult times and hope for a reunion in Gennetines and/or in all those places that bring people together.

Bernard Coclet et l’équipe du Grand Bal de l’Europe