Grand Bal of Europe 2020 – Two scenarios

The Grand Bal de l’Europe, like many artistic events, makes emotions dance and creates dreams, hope, tears and gives meaning to life.

We have a compassionate thought for those who suffer strongly and have hope of a reunion where we can hold hands again.

The rapid and unpredictable evolution of the situation related to the Covid 19 pandemic thus pushes us to consider several scenarios for our meetings.

1- We are adapting our organization to this unprecedented situation, we are gradually freezing our external relations. Nevertheless, we are preparing the orders, dossiers and our own organisation to be operational when we have the certainty that we will be able to hold the Grand Bal de l’Europe with peace of mind.

2- We are considering postponing  the Grand Bal de l’Europe from Friday 23 July to Friday 6 August 2021 with, as far and as much as possible, the programme planned for this year..

It’s not a decision we would take lightly, as you know… But it’s our responsibility to continue to steer this big ship through the storm.

Moreover, the official communication from the government on the end of the restrictions is very unclear and can change very quickly.

We can postpone that decision until May 20. We will keep you informed.