Coronavirus update

We are asked daily about our plans regarding the evolution of this disease and its impact on the meetings.

What we can say for the moment:

– We are following government rulings very closely.

– We don’t know what the evolution of this disease and the health measures planned for this summer will be, so:

                -We are currently working on the organization of the meetings and the detailed program will be put online in a few days.

                -Right now, we are not considering cancelling the meetings, but we cannot guarantee 100% that they will take place.  Given these uncertainties, we can only advise those of you who have to book a transport ticket, or accommodation outside our facilities, to enquire about the conditions of cancellation of such services.

– To date, a little more than 10% of the places are reserved.

– We will communicate regularly on these various issues via our website and by newsletter.

Good music and dancing.

Friendly thoughts to our Italian friends

Bernard Coclet