The association

Created on December, 6th 1989, the Association Européenne des Amoureux de Danses Traditionnelles (European Association for lovers of traditional dance) has 4 515 members (2022) from many different European regions.

We try to take into account the great diversity of backgrounds and desires of the members of the association many of whom get very involved in the organisation of the festivals.

We have organised and structured the association according to our human resources and the availability of our members, and we adapt our association and the festivals to the constraints that appear.

Julie Coclet is responsible for the management and coordination of our actions, she is a salaried employee of the association.

The organisers, animators, musicians and dancers make « Les Grands Bals de L’Europe » where tolerance is the basic principle and diversity, constructive criticism and exchange are indispensable sources of richness.

We would like to thank all those which have contributed or are contributing to this human and artistic adventure.