Ticket office open from 9am to 11pm

❱ Our activities are only open to members of our association.
❱ Membership fee for individuals aged 18 and over: 20 €.
❱ Membership fee for individuals aged 10 to 17: 5 €.
❱ Late registration fee (after July 15) : 20 € extra: before you come without having registered, check on our website that we are not sold out.

Entrance to the festival

❱ Full price: 21 € per day ;
❱ Reduced rate: 15 € per day (from 18 to 24 years old) ;
❱ Half-price: 10.5 € per day (from 10 to 17 years old) ;
❱ July, 21st evening: 10 € (5 € between 10 and 24 years old) ;
❱ Children under 10: free for all festival.
Minors must present the authorisation of their parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by their referee during the gatherings.

14-days package from July, 22nd to August, 4th (July, 21st evening is included): Only available before July 15th
❱Full price: 239 € ;
❱Reduced rate: 174 € (from 18 to 24 years old) ;
❱Half-price: 119 € (from 10 to 17 years old).

Upon presentation of documentary proof, we apply half-price for disabled people.
❱Online: create an account, start your registration and send us an email (grandbal@gennetines.org) with your documentary proof just before payment. We will perfom a computer manipulation in order you access this half-price and we will notify you in order you can make your payment to validate your registration;
❱Paper: enclose a copy of the documentary proof to your form and payment for validation of the amount.


❱ Meals : 10 € ;
❱ Drink Tickets : 1,50 € ;
❱ Breakfast : 2 drink tickets.

Useful Information

❱ Joining the association is done when registering for the event. It is not refundable.
Membership covers the period from 1st July each year to the following 30th June.
❱ We do not accept any bank cards (neither credit nor debit cards) on site. We only accept cash or bank cheques.
We require proof of Identity from all participants before we are able to issue their bracelets for entry onto the site, as well as for any pre-purchased meal and drink tickets. .
Participants will also have to show the contents of their bags and to label them.