Participation – Inscription

For a fortnight, the strength, richness, diversity and magic of dance and music allow everyone to create their own Grand Bal de l’Europe in a spirit of freedom  based on respect and consideration for others. The festivals are supported by regulation to ensure, in particular, collective security and respect for the neighbourhood.

Registration is mandatory. It must be accompanied by the payment which will validate it.

We warmly thank the artists, organizers and participants who have built the Grand Bal de l’Europe and invite you to bring to life and share the 2023 festival with us.

Bernard et Julie Coclet

Registration is compulsory

  • From May, 1st to June, 30th via the online registration website, with payment by credit card, by cheque or by holiday vouchers. Prefer this registration option;
  • From May, 1st to June, 30th via the paper registration-membership form available from May, 1st on our website, accompanied by payment;
  • From July, 1st to 15th via the online registration website with payment by credit card only.

Limited Places

We organise to welcome you in good conditions. Online registrations will be closed on July, 15th. We will communicate on the number of available places from June. On-site registration will only be possible if places remain. We highly recommand to check our website before coming to Gennetines.

Short visits to the festival are discouraged

We advise against short stays.  A short visit will not allow you to benefit fully from the festival community, or participate in its organisation, or fully understand its philosophy.

However, you choose the duration and the dates of your stay, the only constraint is to respect for our organization and our hosting capacity.

No propaganda, no commerce

We are delighted to welcome the many dancers and musicians who are members of our association and contribute to the running costs – but we do not accept any form of commerce, propaganda or recruitment on the festival site, on the campsites or in the parking areas. The sole exception is that of local traders who provide a service in the campsite at set times.


For efficiency and fairness to artists, organisers and participants, we must respect all timetables.

Festival Charter

The Association’s aim is that everyone should be able to express their own music and dance with passion and pleasure, and enjoy their own special moments. Respect for and understanding of others are the foundations of Grand Bal de l’Europe.
Dancing with others involves the consideration of real issues, as well as experiencing the irrationality of dance without holding back. The issues to be considered are artistic ownership (always asking artists for permission to record or film), reflections about sources, modes and practices used to transmit dance. It is about allowing oneself to be transported by the music and the dance, adopting a universal language of smile and gesture. It is to attempt to tame the dance.
All our members have the same rights and the same obligations. In creating Grand Bal de l’Europe and setting the essential boundaries, the group’s interest will always come first.
Respecting the codes of conduct and festival regulations is implicit in respecting the work of the Association and all those who carry it out.

Everyone participates in the organisation

To help our voluntary organisers team, each participant contributes to the smooth running of the gatherings for a few minutes or a few hours during the fortnight. You can help us to keep the gatherings clean, pleasant and friendly (in tidying the dance floors, in clearing and cleaning tables, in participating in the washing-up of the meal trays, or in filling any other need that arises).